Aging Center/Geriatrics Internal Grant Review

Three times a year investigators are invited to submit aging-related grant proposals for internal review prior to agency submission. This internal review process strengthens proposals and harnesses our deep faculty expertise to support successful funding of aging-related research at Duke.

The internal grant review process is open to Duke-affiliated investigators only.

Upcoming IGR dates:

Spring/Summer 2024

  • Intent to Submit is due 2/29/24 (see below)
  • Near complete materials are due to reviewers by 4/5/24
  • Internal Grant Review Session May 1 

Fall 2024 (TBA - September)

Winter 2025 (TBA - January)

Intent to Submit:

If you would like to submit your grant for review, COMPLETE THIS SURVEY.

The intent to submit survey is due approximately 4-weeks before each IGR session. The survey gives you the opportunity to select during which season's IGR you would like to be reviewed, so feel free to submit the survey ahead of time if you are planning a submission later in the year.


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