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August 15-26, 2022

Aging Center / Division of Geriatrics / VA GRECC




Geriatrics Grand Rounds


Monday, August 15



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Interprofessional Curriculum to Address Malnutrition


Dr. Serena Wong




Geriatrics Grand Rounds


Monday, August 22



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Hearing Loss: Geriatric Population Health Ramifications and AI


Dr. Ardeshir Hashmi


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News & Notes

Congratulations to the four Duke investigators who were selected as Rising Stars for the upcoming AGS/NIA Conference “Overview of the Resilience World.” This is especially exciting and impressive since the conference only selected a maximum of 12 Rising Stars from across the whole country!  This is a testament to the national powerhouse that Duke has become in resilience research, and shows the strength of NIH-funded Centers in promoting strong early stage investigators in aging research from many fields and disciplines.

AGS/NIA 2022 Resilience Research Rising Stars:

  • Leah Acker (Pepper Center Scholar)
  • Kimberly Hreha (Pepper Center Scholar)
  • Kathy Ramos (Roybal Scholar)
  • Hanzhang Xu (REACH Equity Scholar)


Worth a Read: ‘True Cost of Aging’ Index Shows Many Seniors Can’t Afford Basic Necessities



Upcoming Events

  • Duke Aging Center Social Science Flash Talks Series“Aging in Context: New Directions in Social Gerontological Research” - September 13, 2022 from 4-5PM.  Hosted by Tyson Brown, PhD and featuring talks from Gregory Samanez-Larkin, PhD and James Chappel, PhD, and Don Taylor, PhD.  If you haven’t received the Outlook invitation for this event, please email AgingCenter@duke.edu
  • Save the date!  2022 Karen L. Wrenn Lecture – September 21, 2022
    From Diagnostic Tests to Prevention Trials: Advances in Alzheimer’s Disease  Randall J. Bateman, MD


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